Cynvenio Releases Second-Generation ClearID Breast Cancer Blood Test

Los Angeles, CA — January 9, 2017 — Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. a leader in individualized cancer diagnostics, has released its updated ClearID® Breast Cancer blood test. ClearID leverages a custom-developed next-generation sequencing panel of 27 genes known to be altered in breast cancer to quickly and accurately identify tumor genetic mutations that can be treated with targeted therapies. The new ClearID test identifies circulating tumor cell burden and detects emergent genetic alterations associated with resistance to therapy, and has been optimized to monitor patients with advanced breast cancer during initiation of therapy and at regular intervals following treatment.

The ClearID test is based on Cynvenio’s unique LiquidBiopsy® approach to tumor monitoring, which analyzes a combination of DNA from circulating tumor cells (CTC), cell-free DNA (cfDNA), and germline DNA. This multi-sourced DNA (MDA) analysis gives direct insight into the progression of the primary tumor and the metastatic disease process while increasing specificity by using germline DNA as a built-in control. ClearID Breast Cancer is more comprehensive than first generation cell-free DNA assays and is priced at a fraction of their cost. Test results are summarized in a clear, actionable report containing clinical interpretations of the identified biomarkers and variants, their association with drugs, related clinical trials, and experimental therapies to support treatment strategies.

“ClearID provides precise insights into disease progression on a molecular level, enabling physicians to closely monitor changes in tumor status and providing patients with peace of mind,” said Paul Song, M.D., Cynvenio’s Chief Medical Officer. “The ClearID Breast Cancer Test provides clinicians with real-time, actionable information that will transform cancer care from diagnosis and monitoring to choosing targeted therapies and finding the clinical trials most appropriate for each patient.”

ClearID Breast Cancer liquid biopsy can be used to complement conventional tissue biopsy. Requiring only a standard blood draw, ClearID is easier on the patient and can be easily repeated to monitor changes in tumor status over time. ClearID is particularly useful when there is difficulty obtaining tissue biopsy material, or when it is not practical or advisable to do so for clinical reasons.

“We are committed to making ClearID affordable and accessible to all patients,” commented André de Fusco, Cynvenio’s Chief Executive Officer. “Today we are also announcing our new ClearBilling program that makes it easy to file for insurance reimbursement. ClearBilling supports our goal of providing responsive and accurate testing that can enable doctors to truly personalize treatment choices for their patients and their families.”

About Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc.

Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. is an emerging leader in the development of more affordable and clinically actionable precision medicine strategies for cancer patients. Cynvenio’s liquid biopsy blood tests accurately target known DNA & RNA mutations in cancer-related genes to revolutionize personalized treatment decision making and clinical trial selection. Among the company’s breakthroughs are an expanding line of ClearID® tests engineered for greatly improved cancer detection and monitoring via a patient-friendly blood draw, and proprietary LiquidBiopsy® automated platform technology which is distributable and makes real-time molecular tumor characterization from whole blood a practical reality for any lab. Cynvenio is based in Westlake Village, California. For more information, please visit