LiquidBiopsy® Testing Services

The Highly Sensitive Blood Test to Analyze & Molecularly Characterize Tumor DNA

Cynvenio’s LiquidBiopsy® assay for solid tumors provides efficient and reliable tumor DNA recovery from whole blood samples. Once recovered, ctcDNA can be returned to the client for in-house analysis or processed at the LiquidBiopsy CLIA lab for analysis of mutational hot spots across 50 oncogenes.

The LiquidBiopsy® test uniquely supports NGS based analysis of both ctDNA and ctcDNA. As such it is the only approach that acknowledges shared and emerging utility of ctcDNA and ctDNA. 

Utility of ctcDNA and ctDNA

CTC and ctcDNA ctDNA
Historical role Prognosis NA
Applications Pathology and IF NA
Nucleic Acids DNA + RNA DNA Only
Disadvantages Enrichment necessary Very low signal:noise
Advantages Accessible sample, good concordance with biopsy, multiple readouts, biologically relevant, tunable Accessible sample, good concordance with biopsy, detected in multiple stages

Supporting Research & Clinical Trial Management

LiquidBiopsy test results can offer early surrogate readout of treatment response, help identify clinically relevant patient sub-populations, and enable adaptive clinical trials, and ultimately, support the development of highly tumor-specific therapies. 

  • Blood samples from subjects can be drawn and the tumor DNA immediately analyzed, or banked for later analysis.

  • Ease of sample collection and the ability to bank samples enables multi-country clinical trials.

  • Resistant or responsive clones within a tumor are accessible even if they occur at a frequency of 1% in the blood. 

  • Analysis supports ctcDNA as well as ctDNA.

  • Rapid "sample-to-sequence" turn-around time.  

Easy Sample Collection & Transport

LiquidBiopsy kits are designed to simplify the collection of tumor cell and cell-free templates for transport to the lab.  The kit includes a custom stabilizer and easy-to-follow instructions for shipping the samples for up to 96 hours at ambient temperature. This 4-day window allows for a streamlined collection process and global transport of samples with no cold-chain requirements.    

Kits provide 4-day sample stability and allow unrefrigerated transport.

Kits provide 4-day sample stability and allow unrefrigerated transport.