About Cynvenio

Cynvenio is a cancer diagnostics company focused on transforming cancer treatment and management through the molecular analysis of cancer biomarkers in blood.

The company's genomic blood testing methodology offers advantages for doctors and patients where traditional tissue pathology may fall short. These scenarios include Cynvenio’s ability to open a new treatment window for metastatic patients who are unresponsive to second or third line therapy, possibly because of the onset of resistance mutations; or where it is desirable to serially test patients to monitor their response to therapy without subjecting them to frequent radiology procedures.

Cynvenio was founded in 2008 and is based in Westlake Village (Los Angeles), California.

LiquidBiopsy Technology

Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. has developed the LiquidBiopsy rare cell isolation platform - a purpose-built system that allows cancer researchers to move beyond their descriptive understanding of circulating tumor cells. With the ability to deliver high-purity, high-volume rare cell sample populations that can easily be taken off-platform, the LiquidBiopsy system maximizes downstream process utility and makes real-time molecular data analysis a reality.

Products & Services Overview

LiquidBiopsy® platform and consumables
Automates the isolation of rare cells from whole blood or any complex background.

OncoPrep™ isolation products
Highly-sensitive antibodies and staining reagents developed to enable the selection of CTCs with unmatched specificity.