About Cynvenio

Cynvenio is a cancer diagnostics company focused on transforming cancer treatment and management through the artificial intelligence (AI) enabled molecular analysis of cancer biomarkers in blood.

Cynvenio is focused upon lung cancer diagnostic solutions recognizing the need to substantially improve patient outcomes. The company's testing methodology is designed to deliver actionable information to clinicians via minimally invasive blood draw. Our tests span all stages of lung cancer, from an aid in diagnosis for patients with suspicious lung nodules as well as treatment stratification and monitoring in late-stage lung cancer.

Cynvenio was founded in 2008 and is based in Westlake Village (Los Angeles), California.

Lung Cancer Diagnostics

Early detection is key to improving lung cancer patient outcomes.  The American Cancer Society’s estimates for lung cancer in the United States for 2019 are:

  • About 228,150 new cases of lung cancer (116,440 in men and 111,710 in women)

  • About 142,670 deaths from lung cancer (76,650 in men and 66,020 in women)

Of all newly diagnosed cases only about 16% will be at an early stage (limited within the lungs) where the five year survival rate is about 56% Later stages where metastasis has occurred and so spread to other organs, the survival rate drops down to only 5%¹. This highlights the need to diagnose lung cancer earlier when a cure is possible.

The current standard of care includes using Low Dose CT (LDCT) Scans.  Results in National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) demonstrated a 20% improvement in survival rates in high risk patients compared with diagnosis with a Chest X Ray.  Downsides to the test are well documented and in the study about 25% of patients had abnormalities that were not cancerous.  That leads to further tests including biopsies which have the potential for serious complications.  Clinicians have not adopted this approach as a general screening tool with only about 4% of high risk patients being referred for this test.

Cynvenio’s LungLB test is positioned to bring certainty into early stage diagnosis confirming for clinicians whether to refer onto biopsy where the LDCT Scan reveals suspicious nodules. Providing a liquid biopsy approach for the patient also promotes a non -invasive monitoring program.

Cynvenio is also developing a series of companion diagnostics.  Designed for later stage treatments, understanding likely patient therapeutic responses improves outcomes.  Patient stratification is also an important component to improve performance metrics in research.

Cynvenio’s liquid biopsy testing is leading the way to more affordable and clinically actionable precision medicine strategies for lung cancer patients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cynvenio’s diagnostic technology combined with machine learning with image analysis results in workflow efficiencies and improvement in performance.  This integrated regulated solution is expected to positively support clinician decision making and ease the burden of increased testing in the healthcare system.

To expand upon the success of the LungLB testing in increasing clinician and patient confidence in using LDCT scanning, Cynvenio will be applying machine learning algorithms to deliver an integrated high performing approach to early detection solution in lung cancer.

These algorithms are also expected to be applied in research collaborations to promote new treatment options.

LiquidBiopsy Technology

Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. has developed the LiquidBiopsy rare cell isolation platform - a purpose-built system that allows cancer researchers to move beyond their descriptive understanding of circulating tumor cells. With the ability to deliver high-purity, high-volume rare cell sample populations that can easily be taken off-platform, the LiquidBiopsy system maximizes downstream process utility and makes real-time molecular data analysis a reality.

Products & Services Overview

LiquidBiopsy® platform and consumables
Automates the isolation of rare cells from whole blood or any complex background.

OncoPrep™ isolation products
Highly-sensitive antibodies and staining reagents developed to enable the selection of CTCs with unmatched specificity.