LiquidBiopsy Rare Cell Isolation Platform

A Key Enabler for Rare Cell Molecular Analysis

With the ability to deliver high-purity, high-volume rare cell sample populations that can be easily analyzed off-platform, the LiquidBiopsy system maximizes downstream process utility and makes real-time molecular data analysis a reality.  The platform's automated rare cell workflow makes it a cost-effective and easy choice for a wide array of personalized cancer research projects, especially those focused on DNA sequencing from blood.

  • Automates the isolation of rare cells from whole blood samples or any complex background.
  • Enables NGS and PCR of rare populations of cancer cells from whole blood
  • Ability to detect mutations in as few as 1 target cell per mL/blood (1 cell per billion)
  • Concurrent sampling of DNA from circulating tumor cells and from cell-free DNA
  • Delivers ultra-high sample purity necessary for molecular analysis by NGS
  • Meets & exceeds <1% limit of detection critical to rare cell research and analysis
  • Walk away automation - staining and cell isolation in less than 3 hours

The automated LiquidBiopsy Platform performs flowcell priming, sample loading, target cell isolation, and immunofluorescence labeling (staining) of captured cells on a flow chip with the same form factor and utility as a standard pathology slide. The platform is capable of processing a variety of sample inputs and supports a full suite of readout protocols for maximum analytical flexibility.

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