Eric Lindquist, MBA

Chief Business Officer
Pharma and CDx

Eric has over 15 years of experience executing deals and managing sales teams in the lifesciences space. Eric was trained in cytogenetics but started his commercial career at Abbott Molecular selling several FDA approved and cleared assays to clinicians. Eric has also worked for Johnson and Johnson in their Veridex group helping pharmaceutical companies incorporate rare cells into their clinical trials. Eric then worked at Roche where he executed a number of public and non-public companion diagnostic agreements.  Most recently Eric was at Asuragen where he led a Translational Diagnostics team partnering with diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.  While at Asuragen, Eric’s team executed an umbrella agreement with lllumina enabling Asuragen to be the first 3rd party company to have CDx developed FTO on the MiSeq platform.  This agreement enabled Asuragen to execute a CDx agreement with a well-positioned biopharma player in oncology.