Partnering with Cynvenio

Cynvenio has a number of collaborations underway with clinicians, oncologists and industry partners. For more information about collaborating with Cynvenio, please contact us.

LIVZON PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP INC. is a China-based company principally engaged in research, development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The Company offers western pharmaceutical preparations, bulk drugs, traditional Chinese medicines, as well as diagnostic reagents and equipment. The Company’s western pharmaceutical preparations include various categories such as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, as well as blood and the hemopoietic system, among others. The Company's bulk drugs include ceftriaxone sodium, mevastatin, lovastain, pravastatin, cefuroxime, phenylalanine, vancomycin and others. Livzon also imports other pharmaceutical products from select partners. Livzon distributes its products in the China domestic market and overseas. It employs 5,800 employees and is publicly traded on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

Thermo Fisher Scientific distributes Cynvenio's LiquidBiopsy platform and reagents worldwide. The LiquidBiopsy rare cell enrichment technology provides a powerful front end to Thermo Fisher's Ion Torrent PGM™ workflow, enabling the industry’s only commercially available sample-to-genomic data solution for analyzing circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA from a single blood draw.

Launched in April 2015, Color’s goal is to democratize access to genetic information. The Color Test is physician ordered, analyzes 30 genes related to the most common hereditary cancers (including breast, colorectal, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach and uterine cancers) and includes board-certified genetic counseling with each test for clients and healthcare providers. Headquartered in Burlingame, CA, Color is privately held and backed by Khosla Ventures, Formation 8 and several leading angel investors.

Cynvenio is a Cure Forward testing partner.  With Cure Forward's secure, web-based platform, patients can leverage their genomic test results to discover information, treatment options, and more to help in their fight against cancer. 

Cynvenio and ATGen Global have established a collaborative partnership to bring ATGen’s NK Vue test (NK Score) to the US market. NK Vue is a unique ELISA-based blood test that measures Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. 

Clinical Study

Study Description:  Targeted cancer therapeutics will have a major impact on cancer treatment and survival. Unlike the majority of liquid biopsy technologies that analyze cell-free fragments of DNA (cfDNA) from plasma rather than tissue biopsy, the Cynvenio LiquidBiopsy® platform uniquely generates sample that is compatible with the same molecular analysis tools typically applied to both biopsy tissue and cfDNA. This study demonstrates that with this platform, legacy epithelial circulating tumor cell (CTC) populations can be used to detect alterations with 25% the efficiency of direct biopsy analysis in a cohort of 60 metastatic breast cancer samples. However, expanding the definition of cells to include cell populations with epithelial mesenchymal (EMT) profiles increments the number of informative samples 2-3 fold such that EMT CTC are informative almost as frequently as either cfDNA or FFPE. Analysis of both EMT CTC and cfDNA thus provides complimentary analysis of rare templates from blood that are both molecularly related to traditional biopsy samples. Analysis of multiple templates increases the likelihood of a successful analysis and expands the classes of biomarkers that can be evaluated.

ClearID® Distributor
in Mexico:

Milenia Labs, comprised of 12 centers across Mexico, works with international companies to offer specialized diagnostic tests to the Mexican market. The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality and most advanced and innovative technologies for clinical and pathological diagnostic tests through its partnerships with the best laboratories in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Milenia offers tests for a range of conditions, including non-invasive prenatal tests, cardio-metabolic panels, personalized genetic testing, and specialized oncology panels.