LiquidBiopsy CLIA Lab


LiquidBiopsy® Rare Cell Isolation Platform

Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. has developed the LiquidBiopsy platform, a purpose-built system that allows cancer researchers to move beyond their descriptive understanding of circulating tumor cells. With the ability to deliver high-purity, high-volume rare cell sample populations that can easily be taken off-platform, the LiquidBiopsy system maximizes downstream process utility and makes real-time molecular data analysis a reality.

The platform leverages enhanced immunomagnetic capture within a new, patented microfluidic chip to recover rare cells from whole blood. The system provides walk-away automation and processes up to four samples in under 3 hours. The performance profile of the LiquidBiopsy platform immediately enables advanced molecular analysis including PCR and next-gen sequencing. Uniquely, LiquidBiopsy-derived cell populations can be removed from the chip and directly sequenced without performing amplification steps such as whole genome amplification.

LiquidBiopsy® Lab Services

Cynvenio's CLIA lab supports cancer researchers in the development of companion diagnostics and identification of markers for new drug development. The lab is equipped with LiquidBiopsy® automated cell isolation platforms that leverage enhanced immunomagnetic capture within a new, patented microfluidic chip to recover tumor cells from whole blood. Target cells obtained by LiquidBiopsy can be directly sequenced by a Cynvenio patent-pending process without additional potentially error-inducing cell manipulation steps such as whole genome amplification.

Cynvenio has a number of collaborations underway with clinicians, oncologists and diagnostic/therapeutic industry partners. If you would like to collaborate with Cynvenio, please contact us.