ClearID™ & NK Vue™ Testing

Supporting Actionable Treatment Paths

ClearID™ and NK Vue™ are complementary tests that can be used in making clinical decisions when monitoring your patients for detection or recurrence of epithelial cancer.

① NK Vue™ measures the activity of NK cells and monitors immune system health.
② ClearID™ identifies targetable DNA mutations to inform treatment paths.

Identify Targetable DNA Mutations
with ClearID™

The analysis of circulating biomarkers in blood has become a valuable practice for the real-time monitoring of individual patients. Using ClearID™ genomic testing, physicians can assess patients’ individual mutations and match them with targeted cancer therapies and clinical trials. ClearID™ is low risk and easily repeatable, requiring only a standard blood sample, and is the only commercial test to interrogate both ctcDNA (circulating tumor cell DNA) as well as cfDNA (cell-free DNA).  

Monitoring NK Cell Function
with NK Vue™

NK cell function has been shown to be affected in a number of conditions and diseases. In the past few decades, many studies have demonstrated that NK cell activity is much lower in individuals with different types of cancers. Although low NK cell activity does not indicate a disease or an illness, it can indicate the health of the immune system and alert physicians when more aggressive surveillance is required, or trigger additional testing.