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Tracking Changes Your Body at the Cellular Level

Knowing how your body is responding to therapy in real-time is critical when you are targeting disease. Having timely information on biological changes in your body is key to your vigilant efforts to defend your health.

ClearID:  More Information for Better Outcomes

ClearID uses DNA sequencing technology to monitor patients through their entire care cycle, helping to determine the most effective targeted treatments, while tracking the individual’s response to that treatment.  

Through a simple blood draw,  ClearID™ can find and analyze specific biomarkers in the blood that are associated with cancer. This better equips doctors to make quicker, more informed medical decisions leading to better patient outcomes. 

When to Use ClearID?

The ClearID test is best suited to patients diagnosed with breast, prostate and colorectal cancer. Other cancer tests are in development.

In certain cases, today’s standard methods for assessing tumors, including imaging and tissue biopsy, may not provide all of the information needed to accurately guide a treatment path. This can be due to the lack of access to tumor tissue samples, or the inability of current technologies to identify very small changes that may be happening in the body. In these cases, ClearID is a powerful complementary tool to assist treatment.

  • For a metastatic patient, for whom biopsy of a secondary tumor site may be difficult and painful, ClearID™ is a valuable tool that can identify and target cancer-associated mutations that may be the roots of metastasis.  
  • In those cases in which there is a lack of tissue to biopsy, ClearID™ can provide critical information via a standard blood draw.
  • During a course of treatment, ClearID™ can be used as a minimally invasive method of regular testing to monitor response to therapy without the need for additional radiology.

Comprehensive Reporting Providing a Path to Action

ClearID results are summarized in a clear and concise, action-oriented genomic report that is tailored to each patient's unique molecular profile.  Each report includes:

  • Summary of cancer-associated mutations
  • Recommended targeted therapies
  • Active clinical trials
  • Continuously updated information

The Testing Process

The ClearID test is a low-risk, low-pain blood test. 

1. Test kit and requisition form is ordered by your doctor.

1. Test kit and requisition form is ordered by your doctor.

2. Blood is drawn and sent to lab for processing.

2. Blood is drawn and sent to lab for processing.

3. Blood analyzed for genomic mutations.

3. Blood analyzed for genomic mutations.

4. Report is sent to your doctor within 8 days. 

4. Report is sent to your doctor within 8 days. 

How to Order?

You can order ClearID through your doctor. If you need assistance finding a doctor or scheduling a blood draw, please contact Cynvenio Client Services: at (888) 885-1172 or (805) 855-2050.

Cynvenio accepts most insurance plans and will bill the insurance company directly as an out-of-network provider. Payment and financial assistance plans are also available depending on an individual’s circumstances.



More Information 

About ClearID (PDF)
Sample Report (PDF)

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